Top 10 Symptoms of Chronic Whiplash Post Auto Accident

Chronic Whiplash Post Auto Accident McGowan Medical Centers

An auto accident can be extremely traumatic for those involved. You may feel relief as you come out of your collision seemingly unscathed. However, you might not be totally out of the woods just yet. In many cases, even after you’ve been seen by a hospital physician, you can experience life-altering injuries that don’t show up for 24-48 hours post auto accident.

One of these common auto accident injuries is whiplash. Whiplash, as it is commonly known, is a sprain of or strain to the neck. This typically occurs as a result of a forced jerking motion, a forward and backward toss of the head, as happens in most collisions.

Whiplash is easy to miss.

Whiplash is easily missed in the immediate medical attention you receive post-accident. That’s because it’s undetectable on an X-ray, and the painful symptoms of stress or damage to the cervical muscles and ligaments, discs, and nerves aren’t apparent right away. In fact, you may not experience any pain at all in the hours immediately following your accident.

Because whiplash is difficult to detect immediately, the next day or two could prove extremely uncomfortable. You may begin with a bit of a sore neck, and by the end of the day, you can hardly walk, turn your head, or find a comfortable position in which to relax. You very well could have whiplash and possibly have damage that could pose lingering or chronic pain.

Symptoms of whiplash after an auto accident

Any number of events can cause stress or trauma that results in soreness to your neck, shoulders, and back. Something as simple as beginning an exercise routine, or working at your desk for hours on end, can cause your muscles and nerve endings to protest in pain. However, if you have suffered a trauma that’s caused whiplash, here are the symptoms for which you should look:

  1. Stiffness in neck and shoulders
  2. Persistent neck pain
  3. Burning pain between shoulder blades
  4. Pain in upper back and shoulders
  5. Numbness, or tingling sensation, in arm, hand, or fingers
  6. Headache
  7. Pain in lower back
  8. Dizziness or trouble with your vision
  9. Insomnia or difficulty sleeping
  10. Fatigue, moodiness, and/or depression

You may experience other out-of-the-ordinary pain or even emotional symptoms. Because the damage to your neck and head can threaten your health and wellbeing in many different ways, it’s crucial that you be assessed for whiplash after an auto accident. By seeking early medical intervention, you can substantially lessen the severity of your injuries.

We provide relief.

McGowan Medical Centers, in Jacksonville, Florida, can help you avoid the chronic pain often brought on by whiplash post auto accident. At McGowan Medical Centers, we utilize a series of specific treatments, including relaxation, manipulation, and stimulation, designed to address the individual ligaments and muscles injured in your accident.

The keys to healing from whiplash are time and pain control. Our caring and compassionate doctors and support staff will help you get back to your pain-free and flexible self in no time at all.

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident, no matter how minor, don’t assume you’re injury-free. At the first sign of whiplash, please contact McGowan Medical Centers, and schedule your appointment. We can ease your pain and help you get back into life.

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