3 Reasons Rehab After Surgery Is Important

Healing after surgery takes time. You may feel like yourself again in a few days, or a week, but your body might not be telling you the whole story. You need to ease into movement, return slowly to the tasks you were able to handle before.

If your surgery involves joint replacement or any other type of orthopedic procedure, you will absolutely need to train, or retrain, your body to move again.

Surgery is a major trauma to your body. Although it’s performed in a controlled environment, and the outcome is what you and your surgeon wanted, your body needs to repair itself from the invasiveness of your surgery. Rest, self-care, and rehabilitation are vital to your ability to recover fully from surgery and get back to the business of living.

Surgery is only the beginning of regaining your health

There are countless types of surgical procedures performed every day, from cardiac procedures to joint replacements, neurosurgeries, and abdominal operations, to name just a few. Whether your surgery is due to an illness, a disease, or an accidental injury, the surgeon’s skill is instrumental in fixing the problem.

Once your initial surgery has been completed, only part of the work is done. Now is the time to start down the road to healing. It’s when chiropractic rehab is essential to the success of your surgery.

3 reasons for rehab

Chiropractic rehab after surgery is the most thorough way to promote healing and recovery. At McGowan Medical Centers in Jacksonville, Florida, we believe that many factors come into play while you recover from your operation. Healing is the job of the whole body.

All too often, patients feel like their healing is complete and decide to return to their day-to-day activities without taking precautions. This can lead to reinjury at the worst or perhaps delay the healing process. With dedicated care and respect, we listen to your body, allowing us to provide guidance in relieving pain and restoring movement.

Here are three significant reasons for the importance of chiropractic rehab after your surgery.

1. Rehab helps manage your pain

Prior to your surgery, regardless of the reason for it, you may have managed your pain with medication. The medical team then helped you control your pain while in the hospital, and you were likely sent home with a prescription for powerful pain meds.

Chiropractic rehab is the best way to help manage your pain without those medications that can hamper your ability to perform even the most simple of tasks. The doctors at McGowan Medical Centers have the expertise to alleviate your pain through a series of treatments. The sooner you can forgo the potent prescription medications, the faster your body will heal.

2. Your doctor monitors healing

Our doctors are educated in promoting healing. By observing your ability to move, and assessing those impediments to a normal range of motion, we’re able to understand where you are in the recovery process and facilitate your recovery through gentle manipulation and exercises.

As you get stronger, we observe the signals of your body that tell us to push forward. We’ll never allow you to over-stress your body; doing so can cause re-injury and stall the healing process.

3. A holistic approach to healing

Rehab through chiropractic methods includes the whole person. We help you avoid inflammation, which can impair the healing process, through diet and lifestyle. Because chiropractic treatment improves your body’s functions and addresses your biochemical response to the trauma of surgery, you reduce the amount of time it takes for your body to heal.

You experience better quality sleep, you gain better balance, and your immune response greatly improves. All of these benefits are necessary to thoroughly heal your body.

Rehab is the biggest part of your surgical recovery

Surgery is only the beginning of correcting your condition. Your work begins after the procedure. Don’t neglect the healing process, or try to rush your recovery. Rehab is essential to the success of your operation and your return to a better quality of life.

At McGowan Medical Centers, we understand your body’s ability to heal itself. Our rehab program can assist you in healing for the long run. Please contact our office to discuss rehab if you’re recovering from surgery, or anticipate a surgery in the near future.

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